Monday, August 1, 2011

Fried Oyster Omelette. Yes, you read that correctly.

photo by Melissa Hom

This review is from New York Magazine's Grub Street

“The fried-oyster omelette at Prune is everything I love: eggs and something fried…. And it’s oysters in this case, even better. The fried oysters come in a perfectly cooked omelette and are served with this really delicious rémoulade, which is traditionally served with oysters in New Orleans. But it also comes with this unusual sweet glaze-y sauce, powdered sugar mixed with Tabasco, which sort of reminds me of an Asian dipping sauce. The whole dish works so well together: crispy oyster inside of fluffy eggs, with two very different sauces — one is rich and creamy, and the other, hot and sweet. I usually get a rosti potato and a big coffee, and I am totally satisfied. I am going to New York in November, and I will definitely be stopping in there for brunch to have it again.”

Chef-owner Gabrielle Hamilton responds:

“That’s been on since we started brunch, three or four years after Prune opened [in 1999]. I remember it took me for-freaking-ever to get this new service going. I had a lot of different eating experiences on a trip to New Orleans, and one of them was a fried-oyster po’boy, of course. And another one was at Galatoire’s. They have these fried eggplant sticks. And on the side they serve this little slurry concoction of, I think, Tabasco and powdered sugar; that was the impression I was left with. So at some point when I was home, all those things came back into my mind and turned into this fried-oyster omelette with tartar sauce and a Tabasco–powdered sugar slurry on the side. Why is the fried-oyster omelette good? It’s this crunchy-warm business inside the soft omelette. And this spicy-sweet thing is pretty appealing to some people. It’s a popular dish.”

Prune Restaurant NYC

54 East 1st Street, near 1st AVE.

New York NY 10003


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