Thursday, July 28, 2011

How To Get An Egg Into A Bottle


Things You'll Need

  • Hard boiled egg
  • Empty beer bottle
  • Piece of paper
  • Matches
    • 1

      Boil an egg by putting it in a pan of water. Keep the pan on high heat on the stove for about 20 minutes.

    • 2

      Rinse out an empty glass beer bottle. This trick also works with a glass milk bottle. Place the bottle on a flat surface.

    • 3

      Roll a piece of paper so it can drop easily into the beer bottle. The paper shouldn't be longer than the bottle. Light the end of the paper on fire.

    • 4

      Drop the lit paper into the beer bottle.

    • 5

      Balance the egg on the neck of the beer bottle. The egg needs to completely cover the bottle's opening so a vacuum is created inside the bottle.

    • 6

      Watch as the heat from the fire creates a vacuum strong enough to suck the egg down the bottle's neck.

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