Saturday, July 30, 2011

Egg Cookbook

Terry Golson, a cookbook author with nearly 100,000 books sold, has for the last ten years kept a small flock of chickens in her backyard. As the flock grew from one hen to fifteen (it's easy to fall in love with and collect chickens!) she found herself with a lot of eggs. The more that Terry cooked with these eggs, the more she saw how absolutely delicious they are - and how superior they are from standard commercial eggs. These good eggs have a richer flavor and better texture (which comes through in many recipes from meringues to custards) than typical supermarket eggs.

Now, not only people like Terry, with backyard flocks, can enjoy these good eggs. Many organic eggs have these same superior traits, as do eggs marked "pasture-raised." These can be found at many supermarkets, natural food stores, and farmstands.

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